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Motivational Speaking In the Digital World

It is amazing how much the world has shifted in the past year particularly for motivational speakers.


How can you make money? How can you attract new clients?

Remember how great it was speaking directly to your people? Magnetic connections, infectious crowd energy, the powerful container of time and space?

Now you talk through a tiny lens to people you cannot feel or see – people who can switch you off in a heartbeat.

You have to capture their hearts with your first sentence and every sentence after. Audiences come and go. How do you get them to stay?

Still more bewildering, the interaction is both anonymous and intimate. Anonymous for you, because you can’t see or feel them. Intimate for your audience because they see you in the privacy of their homes, one-to-one, face-to-face. That’s a big mental and physical adjustment for your body!

Are you up for it?

Or are you thinking about waiting out the change? Is retirement or getting a day job crossing your mind? Have you begun to explore new marketing plans like funnels and on-line programs? If your answer is yes, please watch my video and open to new possibilities.

If your answers NO! If you are committed to getting your message out to your people no matter what! Watch this video.

Want to know more? Ready to do whatever it takes?

If you are committed to fulfilling your mission and conquering the dispassionate one-eyed monster of on-line speaking, let’s have a chat. Learn how I can support you in this brave new world of digital speaking.

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