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The Key to Success in Wealth, Love and Health

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

Are you struggling to create the life you desire?

Do you lack money, a loving relationship, a healthy body?


Are you making enough money to provide for you needs? Does it fly out of your bank accounts as soon as it comes in? Are you barely making ends meet?

Are you stuck in a job you hate but are afraid to leave? Are you destroying your health with the workload of ten people? Do you feel frustrated that your efforts are never appreciated and that your talents and skills go unrecognized? Do you worry that you are wasting you life?


Is love your issue?

Are you recovering from the loss of a partner from death or divorce? Do you wonder if you will ever be happy again? Does the future seem bleak and hopeless?

Maybe you are ready for a change but your experience in today’s dating world has been disheartening. You feel pressured. Your dates want too much too fast or they play games and don’t call you back.

Is loneliness your life now? You resist because you don’t want to be hurt again. And isn’t that what you invite if you open to love?

Maybe you are in a relationship that has lost it pizzazz. When did that happen? You have no idea because you’ve been too preoccupied with work or raising children. Suddenly the kids are gone, you work load has shifted and you wake up to find a stranger in your bed. You hardly ever talk any more and when you do, there is no respect, intimacy or care. Sex is either not on the calendar or might as well not be.


Is health your weak spot? Are you moving at warp speed, running on caffeine and never getting enough sleep? Maybe you’ve gained weight because sugar is your keep-going fuel and exhaustion is your constant companion. You tell yourself that you need to slow down, but you can’t because others are depending on you—your spouse, children, siblings, boss, friends. So you continue to continue while fantasizing about a full night of sleep and the kind of work that would truly feeds your soul instead of devouring it.

Success is not about luck, it’s about TRUST.

When you don’t trust yourself, when you don’t trust the world, life is difficult and leads to problem in all the areas of your life.

Maybe you tell yourself you are trusting, but deep down you aren’t. You believe you can never have what you want because long ago you decided you are not enough, unwanted, unlovable, unworthy, imperfect, damaged and/or unsafe.

It’s not your fault! Life has taught you to distrust.

We learn these lessons of trust as young children when we were wholly dependent on our parents for all our needs. They were like gods to us. We loved them even with their shortcomings, even when they were critical, dismissive, over-protect even abusive. They taught us who and how to be and we absorbed the lessons like sponges. We became what we thought our parents wanted and stopped being who we really are. We stopped trusting our brilliance, own inner guidance system.

One of the fundamental needs of a growing child is love and acceptance. Did your parents give enough? Did you have to share with too many siblings? Maybe your parents don't know how to love because there was no love in their childhood. This failure to love is often passed from one generation to the next.

Are you ready to change? To replace the pattern and break the ancestral chain?

I have encountered many different patterns of behavior as a life transformation coach. Lack of trust is at the core of all of them: not trusting yourself and not trusting others.

You develop a pattern that insures that you get what you need to survive: attention, approval, safety, sustenance. Your pattern requires hard work because you are trying to get what you need from someone else. The constant stress of pushing and striving for control of your world takes its toll on body, mind, and spirit.

Watch this video to understand how your behavior patterns are holding you back.

The solution to your struggle is trust.

When you trust in yourself, you no longer need to manipulate others. You are the source of everything you need. When you embrace this truth, struggle falls away. You are able to attract those you really want in your life -- people who accept you for who your are, not for what you do or provide.

Trusting does not come easy after years of distrusting. Your behavior patterns are wired into your body’s survival system. Going against your pattern can trigger fear, anger, avoidance and depression. You will need to practice new behaviors that require courage and change negative thought habits into self-love habits. You will want to tap into your brilliance, creativity and gratitude.

Want some guidance in changing your pattern, in bring trust back into you life?

Let’s talk. Schedule a 15-20 minute re-patterning conversation @ and discover how you can create a second chance for the life you truly desire.

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