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Aquarian Business Essentials for Motivational Speakers

The world is moving into the Aquarian Age. It will get a big boost on December 21st when Saturn (the planet of structure and limitations) and Jupiter (the planet of expansion) will join forces in Aquarius.

Are you ready?

If you are visionary, imaginative, intuitive, quick-acting and smart, this is your time to shine.

If you have high ideal, serve community goals, know who you really are and what services you provide, this is your time to shine

An Aquarian with a Ph.D., I am excited to share what I know about the impending shift. Here are a few things you can expect for your business in the Aquarian Age.


Aquarius is an air sign, which means all things of the air, e.g. airwaves, sound waves, light waves, electricity, radiation, microwaves, vibration, wind power, solar power. Note the Aquarian symbol: 2 wavy lines. You will be seeing a lot of innovations in these areas.

If you are a speaker, coach, or healer, you must be adapting to on-line speaking. There is no other choice. Even when we do go back to in-person presentation, internet communication is here to stay. Expect new apps and new marketing tools for on-line speaking along with innovations for hybrid in-person speaking that enables global access.


Aquarius loves information. It is revers the intellect, science, and logic. It is visionary and revolutionary, seeking out-of-the-box solutions to life problems. That means experimentation and tracking the results. It means letting go of perfection and becoming curious and courageous enough to try something different.

Aquarius is also about the higher mind and intuition. Meditation, spiritual downloads, and divine guidance provide information from above. This will help you to pierce through the information avalanche on the internet in order to connect to your clients. It is about opening your channels to your own energetic attraction.


Aquarius is fast -- like air travel, like communication around the globe. Expect more computer upgrades, new apps, new marketing ideas for speakers. It can be overwhelming. Do your research and beware of the bright, shinny object syndrome. Don't let Aquarian speed push you into impatience or impulse. Remember to do your research, experiment and activate your intuition.


Aquarius is rebellious. It wants to break from the status quo. For you that means embracing your uniqueness, being yourself, i.e. different. That is how you will attract your perfect clients.

Scary right?

The last age was about conformity and fitting in. Play it safe, don’t stand out, be like everyone else, follow the rules and formulas or lose.

If that was how you were brought up, changing beliefs and behavior patterns will take some healing and reprogramming. Even I had to do that and I'm Aquarian. That's how I know about creating life make-overs. If you are ready to heal and replace old patterns that hide your brilliance watch my video below


Aquarius is taking us away from our obsession with the acquisition of property and power. As we all know, you can't take it with you. Aquarius is about making your difference and leaving a legacy.

The focus is on supporting the communal good -- of all. Aquarius stimulates our humanitarian consciousness and global interconnectivity. Given the current crises in economic and ecological arenas, this shift is none too soon.

Motivational speakers, healers, coaches and change makers, this is your time to make your impact! The world is waiting for your inspiration and guidance.

Want to know more? Are you ready to do whatever it takes? Watch the video below

Yes, there will be resistance to this change -- both inside and out, for at least 2 more years. Listen to the following video and find out what you can do to ease the transition for yourself and the world.

If you are committed to making a difference and thriving in this Aquarian Age check out Winter Holiday Special. Total disclosure. No tricks or traps. Give your speaking business the jumpstart it needs to align with the Aquarian Age.



Dr. Michelle Peticolas is an international best-selling author, award-winning filmmaker and founder of Secrets of Life and Death, a professional training center that enables coaches, healers and entrepreneurs to unleash their true brilliance so they can attract their clients and earn enough money to make a difference in the world.

For more than 25 years, Dr. Michelle has been assisting people in creating re-empowered lives after loss, through spiritual healing, psychosomatics, Cognitive and Gestalt psychology, coaching, speaking, art, films and publishing.

Michelle’s life-coaching business organically evolved 6-years ago out of grant-funded workshops around her award-winning film series, Secrets of Life and Death. She currently leads many transformational programs such as Release Your Loss and Thrive, No Regret Now, and Magnify Your Mission By Breaking Through the 100K ceiling.

Her recently launched program Second Chance: From Loss to Success in Wealth, Health and Love offers a life makeover for coaches, leaders and entrepreneurs to create heart-inspired success in their work, health and relationships.

Raised on the East Coast and earning her Sociology/Psychology Ph.D. in the Midwest, Michelle now resides with her husband in El Cerrito, CA

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