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Coaches, healers and consultants:

Create an irresistible coaching package that attracts premium clients.


Develop dynamic and evolving programs based on your own healing experience and unique talents.


Reach and enroll your perfect clients through authentic marketing that is never sales-y or pushy.

Second Chance Certification

Become a High-end
Life Makeover Coach

You Get:

  • 3-Month on-line training 

  • 3  Private coaching sessions per month 

  • High-level accountability tasks to create and achieve your business goals

  • Workbooks, Exercises and Demos to help you create your signature transformation program.

  • Weekly check-in

  • Private Facebook Group for questions, sharing assignments and receiving extra trainings


Bonuses: Value Over $10,000

  • 12 Months of weekly group coaching with highly motivated visionary professionals to inspire and stretch you

  • Weekly goals and tasks that expand your personal and business success

  • Experiential practice in various healing modalities to expand your coaching tool box 

Second Chance Mastermind:  $3600 Value
  • Assignments to Increase Your Visibility

  • Styles or Body Coach Consultation to match your make-over

  • Speaker Upgrade Trainings

Uplevel Your Brand VIP:  $2000 Value
  • Learn body techniques that release emotional tension 

  • Remove guilt connected with the loss of an important relationship

  • Closure and peace with your past

  • Revision your life story and align your mission

  • Foster relationships that support your healing and growth

Release Your Grief and Thrive:  $2000 Value
Magnify Your Mission:  $2000 Value
  • Activate 4 leadership-archetypes to support your life goals

  • Create life-affirming releationships with parents, partners and others 

  • Access your inner guidance system 

  • Replace sabotaging habit with more successful ones

No Regret Now:  $2000 Value
  • Envision and amplify your mission

  • Set clear intensions

  • Enhance body awareness for increased joy and pleasure

  • Learn your body’s language to recognize and release resistance

  • Align thoughts and verbal expressions with your purpose

  • Practice accountability and results tracking

Here's What Clients say about working Dr. Michelle . . .

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