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Thank You

August 16-20
1pm PDT

Welcome to the 5-Day Life Purpose Challenge and Master Class. You will be challenged to imagine your purpose, make a commitment, face your resistance, vision your future and develop a plan for getting there.

Join us at 1pm:




  1. Every morning you will also receive an email with a worksheet and video link for the day's assignment. These will also be posted in the Share Your Brilliance Facebook Group. 

  2. Ever Afternoon at 1 pm, I will appear live on Zoom and in the Share Your Brilliance Facebook Group to answer questions and go deeper.

  3. On Friday, Aug 20, you will receive the link to the Life Purpose Master Class to review your week, celebrate you accomplishments and identify your next steps. This class is at 1 pm and will have the same link. It will also be streamed on live on the Share Your Brilliance Facebook Group.

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