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  Summer Special
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Release Your Grief and Thrive

$2000 Value

Summer Growth
Second Chance Makeover
90-Day Program

6 Trainings, Workbooks and Exercises to:

  • Tools to release emotional stress

  • Heal guilt connected with the loss of an important relationship

  • Transform energetic connections to the past

  • Create positive social relations that support your healing and growth 

  • Revision your life and align your mission to your unique gifts



6 Video Trainings, Workbooks and Templates to:

  • Envision and set intentions for 2021

  • Design 30/60/90 Day SMART goals

  • Enable Emotional Buy-in

  • Align mental and physical action with SMART goals

  • Develop an accountability system

  • Utilize templates to track progress

No Regret Now New Life Plan for 2021
 $2000 Value
12 Month to Abundance Blueprint
VIP Session:  
$1000 Value

30 min VIP Session to:

Unleash Your Spiritual Gifts with a North Node Destiny Reading and Your Priority Plan for 2021.

Here's What Clients Say About Working With Dr. Michelle ...

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Name Withheld, Insurance Agent

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In just over 30 minutes Dr. Michelle helped me identify the root of what was holding me back. I was able to release the negativity I had been carrying around for a couple months, shift my energy and know exactly what to do to move forward in having a happy relationship and getting my energy back so I can move forward in my business.

Lisa Shook, Professional Hypnotherapist Coach and Healer for Global Women

In everybody's eyes I was a successful coach and entrepreneur, but inside I was crumbling. . .Michelle helped me not to just understand and feel through my emotional pain but she gave me exercises to get that pain out of my body.  I highly recommend Michelle to be your transformational coach, healer and a mentor. Her Life Makeover Certification is a rare find for somebody who is serious about making great money with coaching! 

Lira Kay, Business Coach Launching World-Class Leaders

Michelle is a rare gem when it comes to helping others overcome deep fears borne from loss in general. I immediately loved her energy and warm approach and was quickly intrigued by what she had to offer – so much so that I joined one of her groups for my ongoing learning for public relations and speaking to large audiences. When working with Michelle, what you will get is pure authenticity, the genuine dedication to guiding you through the transformation you’re after!

Maria Nebres, Transformative HR Consultant

Michelle is dedicated to her craft of making those who have suffered the greatest losses in life feel safe to grieve, and learn how to not just live but thrive again. Her deep expert training in many disciplines and highly skilled ability to communicate at the individual or group level, give her certainty and calm confidence.

Trella M. Davis, MBA, Leaderships Strategist, Spiritual & Wellness Coach



Spring Special

Buy 1 get 2 Free






Release Your Grief

and Thrive


No Regret Now

Life Plan for 2021



Life Abundance Blueprint

30 min VIP Session

After payment you will receive a welcome email detailing this program's features and a mentoring contract. After you have signed the contract you will receive links to you 2 programs and my scheduler to set your VIP Session.

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