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I am so glad you are here!

I am so glad you wanted to get more details on how to really serve at a higher level. Download your digital guide to create the High-end program I know you can offer.


Click Here to Download
Your Digital Guide
The Fast Path to High-End


Now you just have to figure out:

  • What it looks like 

  • Who it’s for 

  • Why they should care 

  • The transformation your going to provide

  • How much you can possibly say it costs without fumbling your words


Too many people will think up this idea for a high-end program but never offer it.

I don’t want that to happen to you!


I want you to come to a call with me.

We are going to look at these components that you are filling out in this guide book.

Yes, go fill out your answers to the questions, but sign up for a call first 

because that will give you a deadline!

Book your call a week out. You will have a week to fill-in the guide.

Why would you want to wait longer than that?

Then on this call we are going to make sure:

  1. It’s the right price,

  2. You know how to market it 

  3. And how to sell it 

This is the next step for you!

Stop undervaluing yourself and undercharging for your work. Its going to take you forever and a day to reach as many people as you need to make the money that you want if you don’t get on this new business strategy. 

About Dr. Michelle

Dr. Michelle Peticolas is an international speaker, best-selling author, award-winning filmmaker and founder of Second Chance Secrets, a professional training center that enables coaches, healers and change-makers to create high-end transformational programs that leverage time, attract premium clients and allow them to have a bigger impact.


For 25 years, Dr. Michelle has guided powerful women to recreate their lives after loss, through coaching, spiritual healing, psychosomatics, Cognitive and Gestalt psychology, films and writing. 


She is a featured author in Amazon Best Seller, Breaking Barriers; and in the International Best Sellers, Step into Your Brilliance and Animal Legacies

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