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Times have changed dramatically for everyone!

People buy differently on-line.

Here you will learn to:

  • Transition from Live Events to On-Line Speaking

  • Attract Engaged Prospects and Premium Clients 

  • Develop A Unique High-End Program Based on Your Own Healing Journey

  • Confidence to Charge Premium Prices 

  • Sell High-End Programs Through Digital Engagement

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Healers, Coaches and Change Makers

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The Fast Path to High-end 


Up-level Your Income,

Business and Life


My name is Dr. Michelle Peticolas.  I’m a transformational life coach, international speaker, international best-selling author, and award-winning documentary filmmaker.

I have helped people adjust to the challenges of change for over 30 years. 

The current world crisis is an invitation to re-examine what you are doing. 

What 1mm tweak do you need to master your speaking business online? 

Autumn Leaves

Lira Kay,


Michelle is really wonderful … attentive, insightful, encouraging,

Everything I would want to support me in a difficult journey


Geri Grossman,

Executive Coach

Through Michelle’s gentle, thoughtful and non-judgmental approach, I have been able to review my life’s more darker events and use them to make more insightful and mindful choices

Wind in the Hair

Name Withheld,

Insurance Agent

Because of Michelle

I have the confidence

to do things and

reach for goals that

I didn't all those years

I was in

the relationship

If you are a Professional Speaker who is . . .

  • Passionate about your message

  • Struggling to monetize your speaking in this online era

  • Committed to do what takes

One of these program may be right for you:

Second Chance:
For Success in Wealth, Health and Love

MORE. . .


Motivational Speakers, Leaders, Change-makers who want to up-level their impact and financial success with a business model that works. Create high-end, life-transformation programs based on your own healing experience that quickly and effectively change lives while allowing you more time for your family and fun.



Unleash your unique gifts by making peace with your past.

Heal traumas, release triggers, and replace the behaviors that sabotage your success.

Develop your confidence and vision within the supportive container of this small, transformative group so you can attract the resources you need to fulfill your mission.

MORE . . .


Proven methods and tools to heal loss, grief and traumas, replace habits and addictions, and develop better strategies for success in wealth, health and love.

Trainings and exercises that heal loss and grief so you can launch a new life plan and create you second chance.


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